HBF Celebrates 11 Year-Old Adriana G.

August is Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Awareness Month, and we will be sharing stories from our clients who live with this disease. SMA is a genetic neuromuscular degenerative disease that attacks the body’s motor neurons.

Our client, 11 year-old Adriana G. was diagnosed with SMA Type 2 at the age of 17 months. Specifically, Adriana lacks the neurons that control muscle function; this includes the muscles that allow her to walk, eat, and breathe. Since the age of 3, Adriana has relied completely on her power wheelchair. She is completely dependent on her family and caregivers for all basic needs: transport, nutrition, hygiene, etc.

As Adriana grows, her family’s goal is to provide her with as much independence as possible, especially around the house. They reached out to us to help brainstorm and execute a fully accessible basement with access via a lift. We want to thank all that were involved with Adriana’s modifications including, A&A Construction, Accessible Systems, CR Gardner Construction, Inc., Egress, Inc., Infinity Home Collection, Stanmark Electric and to Professionals Miracles Foundation.

Click on Adriana’s photo (at left-above) to see her navigate her new space

“Adriana’s frustration comes when she is unable to do things her friends and family do: run, jump on the trampoline, ride a bike, climb the jungle gym. We wanted her limitations to be as few as possible, especially around the house. By having a fully accessible basement, Adriana can begin to experience the feeling of independence. This will be so essential as she transitions to her teen years, and eventually college and a professional career. Along with help, HBF provided an environment that allows her to learn and experience more independence. Adriana can carry those skills throughout her life as she becomes a valuable contributor to her community.” – Adriana’s Family

Things as simple as being able to access a bathroom, wash her hands, brush her teeth on her own, and enter and exit a bedroom, are things the rest of us take for granted. For Adriana, these are accomplishments that elevate her mental well-being. The accessible basement allows her to reduce frustration and experience joy and independence.

HBF celebrated the dedication of Adriana G.’s project with the volunteers, donors and supporters who were involved. And her story aired on @TelemundoDenver.

Adriana is just one of our clients who thrive with the help of HBF! Be sure to watch our social media channels and blog posts as we raise awareness and recognize other clients living with SMA!

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