Annual Blitzie Awards Presented at the Blitz Build After-Party

The 2022 Blitz Build After-Party was held on June 14 at the Speciality Appliance Showroom in Greenwood Village. The night was a spectacular success, as attendees enjoyed chef created meatballs, grilled tacos, a charcuterie board and secret-recipe chocolate chip/caramel cookies that could be classified as heavenly!

Guests were delighted at the opportunity to purchase HBF swag and spend time with each other. The food, drink and camaraderie adequately capped off Blitz Build, but the evening got even more exciting with the presentation of our annual Blitzie Awards.

HBF Program Director Brian Johnson presented the coveted awards and each winner received a framed certificate proclaiming their accomplishments. While all of our Project Captains, Volunteers and Crew Members deserve the highest of accolades, there were a few who were notorious this year!

And the Blitzie Goes To…..

  • Rookie of the Year – FBC Remodel
  • The Extra Mile – K2 Residential
  • Train the Trainer Valedictorian – Joe Wurst
  • Star Students – Craig Hospital
  • The Heat is On – OrePac/ Fiberon and Mike
  • The No Big Deal Award – Haberer

The Blitzie Awards are a fun way to celebrate the completion of Blitz Build. The award categories and winners are chosen based on staff observations and post project surveys, and may change each year. Congratulations to the 2022 Blitzie winners. A big thank you to Specialty Appliance and to all who participated in and supported Blitz Build.


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