George B. Joins HBF Board of Directors

Please join us in welcoming George Brauchler to HBF’s 2022 Board of Directors. George has been involved with HBF for several years as a beneficiary and client. We are pleased to announce that he made the decision to join our Board of Directors this year.

George is President of Advance Colorado and Brauchler LLC. He first became familiar with HBF in 2018, when we provided a ramp, stair gliders and a bathroom modification for his eldest son, who has Muscular Dystrophy. Since that time, George has become a continuous supporter of HBF. He realizes that “mobility enhances confidence and freedom for those who lack it.” He is proud of his effort to enhance that for those in need.

One of George’s favorite experiences with HBF was attending our Annual Celebration at Infinity Park. And now George is busy creating new memories as a Board Member and Advocate. He provides a unique perspective on site visits. George can make suggestions for small things that will make a big impact in our client’s lives.

A fun fact George shared is that he took up snowboarding at the age of 50 to enjoy the slopes with his youngest son. His favorite holiday is Independence Day, which is no surprise given his commitment to family and the fact that he once aspired to be an Armor Officer in the Calvary.

He remembers his first concert was the Doobie Brothers at McNichols Arena. The venue, not the band, proves he has been a fixture in Denver for quite some time! If George ever gets the opportunity to compete in the Olympics, his chosen sport would be the Skeleton or Luge. But who knows, maybe we will see him some day in the half-pipe once he perfects his form!

Thank you, George, for making the commitment to HBF’s Board of Directors. We look forward to learning more about you over the next three years!

More about our Board

An HBF board term is typically three years, with an option for two terms. HBF is so fortunate that most of our board members elect to serve two terms. This provides a continuity that is comforting to clients and staff alike.

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