So Many Ways to Volunteer with HBF!

The year 2020 created unique challenges and everyone had to adjust expectations and resources. But clearly, the pandemic restrictions did not lessen the needs of our clients. And it did not lessen the desire of our volunteers to support our clients. Thankfully, our friends at Hammersmith initiated a resourceful way to support HBF. Our volunteers come in so many different forms. And as we recognize April as National Volunteer month, we’d like to share how Hammersmith got creative in supporting HBF!

Each year around Christmas time, Hammersmith’s Leadership Team of Directors, VPs, and the CEO adopt a family. With COVID restrictions in place in 2020, they could not adopt through their regular channels. They were looking for an easy way to donate, and a “Gift-Card Drive for HBF” fit the bill. At a monthly Leadership Team meeting, Leslie Johnson, Hammersmith VP of Operations, proposed supporting HBF, and everyone quickly got on board.

The Hammersmith team liked this plan because it was easier than purchasing specific items for a single adopted family. Since gift cards are readily available at all major stores and online, the Gift-Card Drive for HBF met Hammersmith’s needs. Employees supported the drive by purchasing gift cards they thought would help the people we serve the most. Their donation included cards for grocery stores, hardware stores, and more, valued at thousands of dollars!

Just before the holidays, Johnson delivered the cards to Lauren. They celebrated with a cute picture. Since in-person events and fundraisers were severely limited during the height of Covid, Hammersmith’s Gift-Card Drive was a blessing. HBF has used the gift cards provided by Hammersmith to support home modification projects, our clients, and our volunteers.

HBF offers “Something for Everyone” and there is always a way to get involved with HBF. If you would like to sponsor a Gift-Card Drive, or have another idea to support HBF, contact Lauren Knudsen.

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