Together – We Can Be Amazing in 2022!

There are so many reasons to be excited for the coming year, but it would be impossible to welcome 2022 without thinking of our neighbors to the north. Our hearts go out to those that have lost so much. Our friends and colleagues at the HBA of Metro Denver are working to identify ways to provide useful support now and over the years-long rebuilding process ahead. Stay tuned for more information.

As we plan our responses to the day-to-day challenges that surround us, we are focused on HBF’s mission to elevate the lives of those living with disabilities in our neighborhoods. We believe that the work we do is critical to the dignity, safety, independence, and quality of life for our clients.

To provide life changing modifications for our clients, we must continuously seek fundraising opportunities. Therefore, we have scheduled an incredible HBF Calendar of Events for 2022. And we have a few remaining Annual Sponsorships available. Committing to being an Annual Supporter for an entire year is a great opportunity to support HBF – while receiving impressive exposure for your company, and tickets to events, too!

Looking Forward to 2022

HBF also has many levels for companies to sponsor one (or all) of our fundraising events – Pucks for Possibilities, Clays to Elevate Lives, Blitz Build, Clubs for a Cause Golf Tournament, and of course the Annual Celebration. Administrative Manager, Alice W. promised, “There will be so many reasons to smile this year.” Let’s allow the spirit of togetherness these events will provide to settle over us as we concentrate on making this the best year possible!

Fundraising, events, and sponsorships are all ways you can support HBF – but there are other possible ways to make a difference. We ALWAYS need help on the project side, too – Project Captains, skilled volunteers, “any skilled” volunteers, painters, advocates (join us on site visits to meet clients), photographers, etc. If you excel at something, are good at taking directions, or are seeking ways to help your neighbors, we can use your help; email Alice for more about these opportunities.

Email Lauren for 2022 opportunities. Or you might consider making a donation to HBF’s Critical Program Fund, which helps offset the cost of projects and other operating costs. By donating to the Critical Program Fund, you are elevating the lives of each HBF client, and helping HBF build independence in the communities surrounding Denver. By working together, it will be amazing what we can do in 2022!

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