Colorado Concrete Reigns at Clays to Elevate 2.0

Clays to Elevate 2.0 was held August 4th at Kiowa Creek Sporting Club! This highly supported event quickly sold out and raised valuable funds for much needed home modifications.

Participants arrived at 7:30 for registration, a pancake breakfast and because we care, a brief safety presentation. Shooting began at 9:00. After all rounds had been fired, shooters, volunteers and event organizers came together for lunch in the pavilion. At lunch, the team from Colorado Concrete was awarded top honors. Right now, Colorado Concrete reigns! If you would like to be involved with this event next year, reach out to Lauren.

The outside venue and space between stations allowed shooters to enjoy the morning. Shooters adhered to social distancing protocols while enjoying this event. This event is surely becoming a favorite for HBF supporters. Stay tuned to the HBF website for details on Clays to Elevate Lives
and other upcoming events.

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