2021 Inspiration House Partner – Brookfield Residential


We are excited to announce that Brookfield Residential will be sponsoring the 2021 Inspiration House. Since Brookfield’s Denver debut in 2012, the company has participated in countless community-building projects, many in conjunction with HBF. In addition to Inspiration House, Brookfield is currently embarking on a retrofit of a home for HBF client, Rio P, and therefore helping to support the mission of HBF to build independence.

“Our yearly, ongoing relationship with Home Builders Foundation is so rewarding. We look forward to the important role we will play in the design, construction and marketing of this year’s Inspiration House,” said Jeff McGovern, President of Brookfield Residential Colorado. “Our employees get a sense of pride from the role they play. This kind of project strengthens our ties to the community and to vendors in the homebuilding industry.”

The Inspiration House is a fundraising initiative that partners HBF with a homebuilder and their trades. Generously, Brookfield will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Inspiration House to HBF– further elevating lives for neighbors in our communities.

The initiative was started to help raise regular, consistent and critical funds needed for HBF. Thanks to the help of Inspiration House funds, HBF can continue to complete home modifications for individuals living with disabilities. Since the first Inspiration House in the mid-2000s, HBF has seen a significant rise in demand for its services – from roughly 35 home modifications annually to more than 100 clients in 2020.


The Brookfield Residential Colorado office’s emphasis on community involvement is in keeping with their overall corporate belief that the company must extend its work beyond the creation of thriving communities. The company knows the importance of “giving back.” This includes making a positive contribution to the quality of life, and enhancing the environment in which the company’s customers, employees and other partners live, work and play.

“We are especially pleased to be building this Inspiration House in our community of Barefoot Lakes in Firestone. This location has been such a gem for us,” McGovern said. “We love to take any opportunity to highlight this community. Inspiration House features our Harvest floorplan, making the 2021 Inspiration House particularly desirable.”

Find out more about our 2021 Inspiration House builder, Brookfield Residential, and their participating partners on this initiative.

For opportunities on how you can get involved with HBF contact Lauren Knudsen.