At Taylor Morrison, Support for HBF is Steamrolling

In late 2019, Taylor Morrison, the nation’s seventh-largest homebuilder by revenue, announced it would acquire William Lyon Homes in Colorado. With the acquisition came the commitment to fulfill William Lyon’s Annual Supporter status with HBF.

Support for HBF has a way of steamrolling. Taylor Morrison took their commitment a step further in 2020 and their staff completed a Blitz Build project. Eric Skrepenski noted, “Blitz Build was a great reminder that
regardless of how busy our day-to-day lives can be, it truly is a rewarding feeling to be able to provide some thing for someone that otherwise would not be able to provide it for themselves.”

During this year of shake-ups and turbulence, it was nice to feel the bright light of Taylor Morrison shining down on HBF and our clients. “In light of the COVID quarantine we all experienced this year we can really appreciate the simple act of stepping out our front door. When our client mentioned she had not been able to leave her home in over 2 years, it really hit home. Even the basic desire to sit on the frontporch and enjoy the neighborhood wasn’t an option for her. The HBF, the volunteers and companies donating materials are all giving back in such a meaningful way.” – Nate Skrdla, Taylor Morrison

Taylor Morrison’s Blitz Build crew boasts decades of combined homebuilding experience, but for many 2020 was the first year they were able to actually get out and participate in the build. HBF clients are always so grateful for the life altering modifications provided by HBF, overwhelmingly volunteers feel the same. “Thank you for allowing our team to participate. This was the first one I personally got to participate in, and the experience was truly humbling to see a community combine talents to give back and ensure others are taken care of when they might not have the resources as readily available.” Daniel Sehy, Area Construction Manager.

Taylor Morrison’s Dave Robb reminds each of us, “A day in service of others is a day well spent!”

One of the strongest ways your company can make a difference in our neighborhoods is to become an Annual Supporter. By pledging financial resources, you allow the HBF to plan and execute upcoming projects helping people with disabilities live independent lives. 2021 Annual Supporter opportunities are currently being filled. Contact Lauren Knudsen today to see how you can make a commitment like Taylor Morrison!