Meet Brian – 2019 Blitz Build Recipient

Brian Quayle is an intelligent, engaging, happy and social 12-year-old boy who loves being with people and joining in on whatever is happening around him. Brian’s mom is a registered nurse and his dad is a police officer. With their collective community-focused jobs and personalities it makes sense that, for 18 years, they have lived in a co-housing community that encourages community action and support.

At 15 weeks pregnant, Brian’s mom suffered an aortic dissection. Surgery was required to save her life. As a result, Brian suffered a significant brain injury and was born with cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, dislocated hips and club feet. Brian has endured multiple surgeries, uses a power and manual wheelchair to move in the community, and requires round-the-clock care. As Brian was born with his condition and is now 12 years old, his needs will not reduce with time and only increase as he ages. His most immediate need is a permanent wheelchair ramp.

Through a friend, Brian’s family heard about and applied with the Home Builders Foundation (HBF), a metro-Denver based nonprofit that builds independence for those living with disabilities through home modifications. After receiving the application, Brian’s family was visited by staff and volunteers to assess the project. From there, HBF began sourcing a Project Captain to complete the work. The application came while the HBF was calling for clients for its 9th Annual Blitz Build. The Blitz Build will bring together more than 200 volunteers to build 25 ramps across metro Denver – including four in Denver – during three days. HBF’s partner, Berkeley Homes, lead Brian’s ramp project.

“Thank you so much for affording Berkeley Homes the opportunity to participate in this great program. All of your hard work made the day and the event go great and more importantly made the Quayle families life a little easier.” – Larry Malone – Executive Vice President Development and Construction

Please consider donating today to help the HBF continue to provide accessible home modifications for individuals with a physical disability throughout the year.