Ramp This House!

Each year the Home Builders Foundation (HBF) gathers together builders, contractors, remodelers, trades, and volunteers to execute the Blitz Build. During this year’s three-day blitz, which takes place August 22-August 24, 2019, volunteer crews will build 25 wheelchair ramps throughout the Denver metro area for individuals needing access to their homes and our community.

Building 25 ramps in just three days is a record for the HBF and our incredible network of supporters.

To help us celebrate this milestone, we’re raising funds to provide accessible home modifications to even more people in the future through our Ramp This House campaign.

Your donation will help us complete home modifications that allow recipients to remain in their own home with dignity and independence, thus improving their quality of life.  Here’s what two of our past Blitz Build recipients and their families have to say about their new ramps.

Carolyn – 2018 Blitz Build Recipient

“I am incredibly grateful to the Home Builders Foundation for building a ramp in my garage.  This endeavor has allowed me to enter and exit my home with ease. Prior to the ramp installation, I minimized leaving home since it entailed going up and down three steps in my garage. If I were to have fallen, it would have been on concrete, an accident I didn’t wish to have!  Now, I leave my home without debating whether it is worth the risk (to say nothing of the extreme exertion navigating the steps entailed!) without thinking twice.

The ramp is one factor that has allowed me to continue to live independently. Autonomy and independence are important to all of us.

I also must comment on the ramp building team.  What a positive, fun group they were. Although exhausted at day’s end, they made hard work fun! There was a party-like atmosphere in my garage and I enjoyed being a part of the party!

Living with a degenerative disease can be a challenge.  I recently acquired an electric wheel chair which navigates the ramp beautifully.  I have recently learned that the HBF will also make interior home modifications such as widening doors so that I will be able to use the chair in my home.

What a service the HBF provides to people in the Denver-metro area!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the much-needed help you have provided to me as well as to others with disabilities!”

Piper – 2018 Blitz Build Recipient (From Piper’s Mom, Annie)

“Our experience with the Home Builders Foundation was amazing and the ramp they built for our daughter, Piper was a huge blessing! We moved from Tennessee to Castle Rock, Colorado and found a great house with main floor living so we could easily get Piper’s wheelchair around the house. Our issue was the stairs coming into the front of the house and the garage. At first, we just lifted the wheelchair in the house but as she got bigger that became dangerous.  As her mom, I could no longer get her outside alone and it became very challenging to simply take her outside on a sunny day.

One of Piper’s therapists told us about the HBF and we contacted them immediately to see if she would qualify for a ramp. She did and we were so excited! The team came out and built the ramp in the garage and it was perfect for her! Life became much easier and we were able to take her outside to play and get her in the car with ease. The team was so nice and friendly, and the entire process was great!”

Please consider donating today to help the HBF continue to provide accessible home modifications for individuals with a physical disability throughout the year.