Parker Resident Receives ADA Home Makeover!

The Home Builders Foundation (HBF) recently partnered with Ascent Mobility to remodel the home of Aloukika P., a 13-year-old Parker resident and living with Caudal Regression Syndrome, a congenital defect.

Aloukika’s family needing help modifying their home, so that Aloukika could independently and safely enter and exit the home and also access both floors of the home. The costs of these modifications – which included a vertical platform lift, automatic door opener and custom curved stair lift – far exceeded what they could pay. Knowing they couldn’t do that alone, they applied for assistance with the Home Builders Foundation (HBF).

The HBF is a metro-Denver based nonprofit that modifies homes to make them accessible so that individuals living with a disability can live safe, independent lives once again. After receiving Aloukika’s request for assistance, the HBF visited the home to assess the project and began sourcing a Project Captain to complete the work.

The HBF leverages the dollars it raises and grants towards projects to be worth much more, thanks to their partnerships in the home building industry. But the equipment needed for Aloukika were hard, fixed-costs, which posed a unique challenge. Ascent Mobilty, one of HBF partners, was able to offer the modifications at cost, and the HBF rallied more than 40 donors – individuals and companies alike – to support Aloukika’s project. With the necessary funds raised, HBF and Ascent Mobility were able to complete the project, which was finished this spring.

The total value of Aloukika’s project is more than $25,000, but thanks to the HBF, it’s community of donors and Project Captain Ascent Mobility, Aloukika received these modifications at no cost. With the project complete, Aloukika can get back to her hobbies in the arts, and spending time with family.