HBF Recipient’s Family Pays it Forward

Today we have a heartwarming pay-it-forward story to share!

David, who suffers from a spinal cord injury, came to the HBF asking for a few bathroom modifications and a concrete sidewalk so he could access his backyard and play with his children. The HBF usually doesn’t do concrete because it is hard to find a PC that has access to materials. Luckily, Scott [owner of Scott’s Backhoe & Excavating Services, which provided the materials], who is a friend of a past recipient and Board Member Chris and wanted to pay-it-forward. Scott saw how impactful the work completed by the HBF was on Chris’ life and jumped on this project!

With the help of Chris’ brother Tim, the two of them completed this sidewalk and now David is able to access his backyard! Staff member Brian Johnson stepped in to do the bathroom modifications, and now David is all set! Below is David’s heartfelt thank you!